Hungarian Horse Association of America

horse foalThe Hungarian horse is a modern-day sport horse with a long and romantic history. The characteristics that contributed to their survival during World War II are evident today as they excel as a modern-day sport, working, and pleasure horses.  The first significant group of Hungarian horses arrived in the United States at the end of World War II. The US confiscated them from the Germans who had taken them from the Hungarians.

Thanks to the US Army, two Hungarian Countesses, the Cooksley family, and Jim Edwards the breeding records were carefully and strictly continued without a break. The Hungarian Horse Association of America was founded in 1966 to secure the continuation of the Hungarian Kisberi Felver breed. See registration for more information about the three different books within the association.

The Articles of Incorporation offer that the specific and primary function for which this corporation is formed is to tape-record the family tree of Hungarian Kisber-type Horses & the crosses thereof, govern such infusion of other genetic material as required and authorized by the Association, motivate the more enhancement of the type, and promote the interests of the breed.

As we look ahead to a period of member growth and increased horse registration, HHAA is devoted to promoting and preserving the Hungarian horse and our brand. While protecting the foundational qualities distinct to Hungarian Horses, we stay committed to breeding for today’s disciplines and riders.

Our Purpose: The purpose of the Hungarian Horse Association of America is to record, promote, and help foster the development of the pre-World War II Kisberi-type horses and the crosses thereof.